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Every business needs effective and efficient management, however, most small-to-medium businesses cannot justify the cost to employ a full time manager.
We offer a solution to the problem: no matter the business size, or tasks to do, we are able to provide the right knowledge, experience, tools, advice, and direction that contributes to your company's success.
Here's how we help right away:
  • Your free consultation starts the process (no recruiting, interviewing)
  • Quick results (no "waiting to see" how a new hire works out)
  • Expert level work (vs. "hoping" the job is done right)

We offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee to new clients who have used less than half their purchased hours during the first billing cycle.


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Jana Beals, CEO


     Experienced management professional

     B.A.-Technical Communication

     M.B.A.-Human Resources Management

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We use the best talent available to get the job done. Our staff is friendly, ready to help, and always puts clients first. 



     You don't know what you don't know.

      Please schedule a free consultation to

      talk with us. We're here for you! 

What is Human Resource Management?


Human resource management is the art and science of acquiring, motivating, maintaining and developing people in their jobs in light of their personal, professional, and technical knowledge, skills, potentialities, needs, and values and in synchronization with the achievement of individual, organization, and society's goals.

That is the textbook definition.


The every day reality is we take charge of: Recruitment, Hiring & Termination, Performance, Training, Benefits & Leave Management, Investigations, Employee Handbooks, Files and Forms.

You can expect our online business managers to offer the same knowledge, skills, and abilities that you would expect from a business manager that was on-site every day. Our online business managers handle the day-to-day operations, any projects, and provide leadership to your employees. 


An online business manager has one target goal, and that is to help business owners with managerial, strategic, technical, administrative, and customer service work so the business owner can focus once again on developing their business. We usher owners into a new reality of having a strong partner to rely on to get things done. 


What is an Online Business Manager?

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30 Hours of Work per Month 



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40 Hours of Work per Month







  • We will always work with you to keep your costs as low as possible.
  • You may upgrade or downgrade your monthly plans if you notify us by the 25th of any month.
  • No additional set-up fees, no hidden costs.
  • We do use simple contracts.
  • We bill once a month, and any overages are billed at the converted hourly rate of your package.
  • Should you go over hours, we will work together to decide if you need the next monthly plan or not. Note: we keep working even if the hours are exceeded but will advise if that limit is near.
  • Monthly plans are month-to-month with a 15 day cancellation policy. We do not issue refunds or rollover of unused time.





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